Updating Choir Numbers

On registering, we ask our schools to approximate the size of their choir including their chaperones and teachers. Schools should try and update their choir sizes on a weekly basis. Here at YV we understand that choir sizes change regularly. Therefore, we do not expect you to have definite numbers straight away. What we would ask is that you update your numbers as often as possible and as soon as you know there have been any changes. That way when we lock the choir numbers on the deadline date - we know you have updated your choir size as best you can.

Updates on your choir numbers must be confirmed no later than the 30 September. Updating your choir numbers is the most important process the YV year and we take this VERY seriously.

  1. Only once we have the closing choir numbers can we start seating the choirs - this is very complicated so we need you to update your numbers in time.
  2. If you do not update your numbers with us (even if they are the same as your approximate estimation), we will take your approximate number as final.
  3. DO NOT OVERESTIMATE. This prevents schools on the waiting list from having a chance of attending a concert.
  4. You can update your choir numbers multiple times up until the deadline. We have introduced this new system to try and prevent people from overestimating. Please Note: as soon as you start to get a better idea of your choir size fill in the choir numbers form. You do not have to wait until the deadline.
  5. Choir numbers only become locked after the deadline.