For Parents

Whatever you think a trip to your child’s choir concert means, forget it! Think ARENA, think CONCERT, think BIG!! Your child is taking part in the world’s largest school choir concert! They will perform alongside 5,000-8,000 other children as a single choir to capacity audiences of family and friends.

Being a part of YV provides your child the opportunity to perform in some of the world’s greatest arenas alongside incredible artists. To achieve this with all their school friends around them for support, it helps their self-belief, self-motivation, confidence, and ability to communicate as part of a team - which is invaluable! Add to this the numerous health benefits of consistent singing in rehearsals, including breathing regulation to relieving stress - it’s no wonder that Young Voices is over-subscribed year after year!

However, the concert is the culmination of a lot of hard work from your teachers and children. Our project takes place in your school for the whole of the Autumn term leading up to January where our specially arranged songs, support resources and online music room provide a full and varied introduction to all kinds of music for your child.

There is an opportunity to relive the moment on DVD. Our YV professional filming crew will capture the entire show. The editing process can take at least 6 weeks following your concert date.

Expected despatching dates will be updated on our website.

Leading Up to the Concert

You are an integral part of what makes Young Voices work. Without your support we wouldn’t be able to have 150,000 children taking part in arenas across the nation!

As the children practice from home, it is our vision to introduce music that might be new to the children but spark a sense of nostalgia in the parents. We then try to balance that with music that the children have heard on the radio but parents might not be familiar with. All in an effort to connect families through music.

Available here on the website, we have created an invaluable resource called the YV Music Room. This resource allows your child to continue rehearsals at home. There is a massive sense of achievement gained from rehearsing over so many months and finally performing in some of the world's largest arenas. Help us by encouraging your child to use the YV Music Room - located in the For Children section of our website.

Audience Tickets

One of the highlights of the whole process is to see the pride that the children have in their own performance. The concert is a culmination of a long process of hard work and is the highlight of their musical year. This pride is further enhanced when their parents are able to share the experience as part of the audience.

Tickets are available to purchase from your school starting in July. Prices of Audience Tickets vary depending on the arena. Please contact your Music Teacher to know the price for your particular arena.

Tickets are sold on a first come, first served basis (best seats go first) and we always sell-out. So order your tickets through your school as soon as possible so you don’t miss out!

Please note: We do not accept ticket orders direct from parents. All orders must be placed through the school. By ordering through the school Young Voices will endeavour to place audience tickets in the appropriate area of the Arena to ensure line of sight to your child (please note this is subject to availability). Young Voices is also able to avoid unnecessary additional ticket admin costs which are charged by the Arena box office.

The BIG Day!

After a full afternoon of rehearsals, your child will be filled with excitement for the evening performance. You'll need to arrive as early as possible not only so that you can spend some time waving at your child and spotting them in the choir, but also because all arenas have strict security in place that result in longer queues as we get closer to the concert start time. The concert will start at 19:00 (7pm) regardless of queues.

18:00 - start arriving
19:00 - concert begins
21:00 - concert concludes

We’ve helped you out by gathering parking & travel information for each venue, including parking fees. Information can be found under Venues.

Choir T-shirts

Choir T-Shirts are available via the Teacher in charge. Please see the size chart below.

All T-Shirts are £12 which includes the YV mini torch and charity wristband.

At the End of the Night

Young Voices takes the safety of your child very seriously. Due to the sheer volume of people that are all trying to leave the arena at the same time - we have a tried and tested system in place to ensure this goes smoothly. We ask that you follow the recommendations below.

We have given your Music Teacher clear instructions but here are some reminders to help get everyone home quickly and safely:

  1. Young Voices recommend that you do not collect your child at the Arena or in the Coach car park to avoid creating an unsafe congested environment. Children should be picked up back at their schools to ensure complete safety.

  2. Your school should send you clear instructions before the night of the concert on what arrangements they have made (which should be in line with the information in this document). Please make sure you have clear information from your school and a means to contact your teacher in case of an emergency.

  3. Parents will be dismissed from the arena first and asked to leave by the nearest exit. For the safety of your child, all parents must completely leave the arena bowl before any choirs are dismissed and allowed to exit the arena concourses. The quicker you leave the arena the quicker we can dismiss the children.

  4. If (and only if) you must collect your child, there are school collection points that are safe, effective, and clearly defined by the arena on the night. Simply arrange with your school to meet at the "schools collection point". Please do not arrange an alternative meeting point inside the arena.

  5. Parents should closely follow the instructions of Young Voices and Arena Staff at the end of the concert.

Our processes are effective, safe, and quick and have been fine-tuned over years of experience. Exiting the arena is quick and safe providing everyone complies to the processes YV have put in place.