Egress/School Collection Points

We understand that our concerts make for a late evening and everyone is keen to get home as quickly as they can. We have been perfecting our egress over the past 20 years and have found a method that is quick, efficient but most importantly safe for all those who attend our concerts.

In order for this to be the case, we need all schools to follow our egress. When instructions are followed egress takes no longer than 30 minutes. But if schools decide to not listen and do their own thing – egress can take at least 1 hour or longer and can cause some dangerous situations.

End of Concert

After the concert concludes at 21:15 (due to health & safety) under NO circumstances are schools to leave the concert early. This includes leaving before the concert has even finished – yes this has happened!

Once the lights turn on, please listen to the announcer on the night for instructions. All children and teachers are to remain in their seats with their choirs until the audience has dispersed. The announcer will then proceed to dismiss the choir by blocks.

Please Note: The announcer is in constant communication with venue security and YV staff who are monitoring the causeways. What may seem to be a quiet period in the arena could be because there is congestion outside.

School Collection Points

Young Voices strongly recommends that parents DO NOT pick up their children from the arena. It is safer and a quicker egress if teachers take their children back to school and have parents meet them there.

IF (or in the case of emergency) you choose to have parents pick up at the arena, there are designated school collection points. These collection points can be found in the Teacher Centre under Teacher Resources.

DO NOT arrange alternative collection points within the arena or in the surrounding area. Tape, fences, and other barriers are used to help direct the choir and audience according to the already established school collection points.

Please Note: Please arrange with your parents before the day of the concert where and how you will be returning their children to them.