What's the cost of a concert subscription?

Every year YV charges a subscription fee £111 for schools who wish to take part in the YV concert.

With payment of the subscription fee you will receive:

Teachers Guide – information, order forms and useful tips
Music Book - notes from our Principle Conductor David Lawrence, music and lyrics sheets
Online Teacher Resources – full access
Online YV Teacher Community – full access
Secure Online Music Resources for choir members
Inclusion in a YV concert – regardless of the size of your choir

Are there any requirements?

Over 200,000 children participate in our concerts each year! As with all exciting things – there is a limit to the number of concerts we hold each year and the number of children that each venue can hold. So that we don’t exceed this capacity we need the help of you, our teachers.

Upon subscription we will ask you for the approximate size of your choir. We understand that this might be far enough in the future that you don’t have a good estimate – new to the school, first time at YV, bringing a new class year, etc. However, if you could make your very best educated guess that will help us have an idea of capacity.

Any schools that do not submit an approximate choir size will be allocated our average (30 children).

Confirm your choir numbers

Confirm your choir numbers must be completed in the Teacher Centre in September

We will ask you to confirm:

That your school still intends to attend your allotted concert
How many children are in your choir
How many adults are accompanying your children
Any other special requests YV (for example, choir members who need a wheelchair space or need extra support. Medical confirmation may be requested)
By confirming your attendance and numbers at this stage you make it possible for us to:

Confirm any spaces for schools on the waiting list
Place the choirs in the arena
Process school ticket orders in the best way possible for parents to see their children

We use your choir numbers to seat the choirs in the arena so it’s important that you give us the most accurate number of children and adults that you can. If your numbers change after this date it is important that you let us know straight away.

Young Voices works on a ratio of 1 adult per 10 children Plus 1. Eg. 10 children = 2 adults, 20 children = 3 adults etc. Should you wish to bring any extra adults above the YV 1:10 ratio, there will be an additional charge (£25). However, if you are able to submit evidence of a SEN statemented child that needs additional support (free carer), please use the options available on the Teacher Centre (from September).

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept BACS payments and card payments. 

To confirm your choirs’ place in one of our concerts, the payment of the subscription fee must be received and approved. All subscriptions are subject to availability.

Can you tell me more about the workshops?

The Young Voices Teacher Workshops represent a Continued Professional Development (CPD) opportunity for teachers who want to improve or maintain the quality of singing in their school as well as teach a number of the skills set by the music national curriculum. You can find out more on our dedicated Workshop page.