YV Foundation Teacher Workshops Resources

YV Foundation Teacher Workshops Resources

We are delighted to be able to present you with the YV Foundation Teacher Workshops online this year. We know we can’t be in a room together - but we have tried to keep the workshops as close as we can to the fun and information days we usually have with you around the country!

Once you have logged in please click on the Workshop tab at the top right of the screen. There you will be able to see a drop down list of Recorded Workshops and Upcoming Workshops.

Recorded Workshops is where you will find all the Teacher Workshop Videos.

This is a brand new portal and it is in the very early stages of development and so we are asking you as our Teacher Workshop participants to let us know how you get on so we can make improvements over coming months.

Module One:

  • Warm Ups
    • Andy instone (00:00:15)

    • David Lawrence (22:20)

    • Craig McLeish (43:50)

  • Mambo Italiano (55:10)

  • Living Years (01:30:55)

  • Sing From Your Heart (01:37:40)

Module Two:

  • Beatles Medley (00:00:15)

  • O Fortuna (00:30:27)

  • Lovely Day (00:57.44)

  • Urban Strides Interactive - and energy raising tips for the classroom (01:01:36)

Module Three:

  • Lion King Medley (00:00:15)

  • Power in Me (00:40:57)

  • Muppets Medley (00:55:03)

  • Pop Medley Medley (01:12:29)

Module Four:

  • LIVE - webinar workshops that took place in September 2020 (you can watch them back here too)