Gigi Morley

Introducing Gigi

Gigi Morley is an experienced broadcaster, specialising in lifestyle and entertainment programming, working in both television and radio.

She creates and develops her own TV programmes including Live What You Love that features compelling personal stories and golden nuggets of inspiration from extraordinary people who, despite the odds, do what they love for a living.

Gigi began her broadcasting career hosting Breakfast Radio shows on Capital stations 2 TEN and OCEAN FM. She later hosted her own R&B show on POWER FM and has interviewed various international stars.

She is the Event Director for T&T Young Voices, the largest children’s choir ever to sing as
one voice in the Caribbean featuring 4000 children.

“Young Voices for me represents everything that’s right with the world:

a). Family owned, operated and orientated yet inclusive of outsiders and fabulous fun for all involved.

b). Amazing entertainment: an entirely unique idea with a feel-good familiarity that’s constantly evolving.