Lucy Spraggan

You may recognize the name. In 2012 Lucy Spraggan took to the X factor stage in front of 4,000 jeering audience members. Her performance was a sharp slap around the face for anyone watching - after reams of sob stories and off-key balladeering, Lucy arrived, performed an original song, and made the entire audience smile. It was the start of a new chapter, but that's just one part of her story.

In her two decades of existence, Lucy's been in rap groups, worked as a magician, trained as a plumber, travelled across America, been a tour guide in a cave, fallen from a cherry picker, and had 'Olly Murs' tattooed onto her foot. She even studied Buddhism in Scotland.

Growing up in Derbyshire with her mum and siblings, Lucy got her first guitar at the age of 10 and two years later started performing anywhere she could and in front of anyone who would listen. Dolly Parton and Kirsty MacColl always played on rotation in her mum's red Escort and (combined with an obsession with the lyrical truthfulness of Notorious B.I.G., 2Pac, and Big Pun) Lucy's initial bursts of creative inspiration were triggered. Drawing from these artists, as well as hook-laden mainstream pop like Taylor Swift, her fresh and innovative sound led her to be the first X Factor contestant in audition history to come back on stage for an encore.

Falling ill a few weeks into the competition however, Lucy decided she wouldn't return - realising that she could take her career in a different direction. It helped that her first album, Top Room At the Zoo (which was recorded in 2011 on a £30 mic in her friend's living room), had rocketed to Number 2 in the iTunes chart since performing on X Factor. Lucy Spraggan had a fanbase and didn't need to win a competition to affirm her talents.

After leaving X Factor, she signed a record deal with Columbia and released her album Join the Club in October 2013 - featuring the singles 'Tea & Toast', 'Lighthouse', and 'Last Night'. It debuted at Number 7 in the album chart and has been a constant feature in the iTunes chart ever since. 2015 will see the release of Lucy's new album featuring the single 'We are Unsinkable' that will be highlighted with a full UK tour to promote the album.