Following her birth in Barbados, Desree spent the first years of her childhood in the country before her parents made the decision to move to South London, where she ironically discovered the music genres jazz, calypso and reggae, decidedly Caribbean influences that are clearly portrayed in her songs. Desree found she had an interest in pursuing music as a career and following a three year trip back to her homeland when she was fourteen saw her realise that she could complete that goal.

In 1992 she released the single “Feel So High”, which reached number thirteen in the UK charts. Her next big music hit was the 1994 single “You Gotta Be”, peaking at number five and becoming the most played music video on VH1. Due to the success of the single Desree released her second album “I Ain't Movin'”, which sold over 1.6 million copes worldwide and led to an American tour with fellow popular soul singer Seal in 1995.

As Desree's star continued to rise she was featured on the Baz Luhrmann directed William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet soundtrack with the song “Kissing You” where she also starred as a Diva. As well as this Desree also featured on the soundtrack for the 1997 film Nothing to Lose with the single “Crazy Maze”.

1998 saw Desree break through into the European market and in 1999 Desree won a much-deserved BRIT Award for the British Female Solo Artist category. Since then Desree enjoyed quiet and private music endeavours until the release of her newest album “Dream Soldier” in 2003.

As well as enjoying various duets with famous faces such as Steve Winwood and Terence Trent D'Arbdy, Desree has been the subject of much controversy. 1998 saw Janet Jackson interpolate the song “Feels So High” into her song “Got ‘Til It's Gone”, without listing Desree as a contributor.

This led to a major lawsuit that saw Jackson pay an undisclosed sum to Desree. As well as this Desree also pressed a lawsuit against Beyonce for her cover version of “I'm Kissing You”. Desree is also an active PETA activist and supporter and has been involved in a number of campaigns against animal cruelty.

Although Desree was a popular, chart-stomping success in the nineties, not everyone agreed. A BBC Radio Poll in 2007 saw Desree voted the worst pop lyricist of all time for her song “Life”, however the 1.6 million people who bought her second album could not have been wrong and Desree still stands as a great pioneer of popular soul in the nineties.

Desree is no longer recording music, but is enjoying discovering her new interest in naturopathy as well as continuing with her song writing talents. You may have recently heard Desree in TV shows The Office, EastEnders and Dancing on Ice.