Connie Talbot

In 2007, an aspiring singer stepped onto the stage of Britian’s enormously popular TV programme ‘Britain’s Got Talent’, Connie flashed an adorable gap-toothed smile and instantly won the heart of the notoriously grumpy Simon Cowell as well as the British viewing public. In just a couple of minutes, a true star had been born. What made this all the more remarkable was the fact that Connie Talbot was just six years old.

Connie was born on November 20th 2000. She currently attends a state primary school. Connie lives with her mother, Sharon, her father Gavin, a self-employed property maintenance engineer, and her older siblings, brother Josh and sister Mollie.

Connie began to sing “as soon as she could talk” and she spent many hours with her grandmother Violet who was very ill at the time. The two of them would watch the film The Wizard Of OZ repeatedly and they would sing together. Violet was the first person to recognise Connie as a great singer yet sadly she died before Connie became an international sensation. Connie sang Amazing Grace at her grandmother’s funeral. No subsequent performance would ever be more challenging and perhaps this is the reason that she was able to walk on to the stage without any nerves to sing in front of Simon Cowell and the whole nation.

The Connie Talbot phenomenon continued to skyrocket not only in the UK, where the 2007 album Over the Rainbow went gold in just three weeks, but across Europe and Asia and also in the USA.

In early summer of 2009 Connie announced she would be releasing a holiday themed album in America and in the Autumn came the CD Connie Talbot’s Holiday Magic. It features Connie’s interpretation on holiday classics and fan favourites.

Everyone who knows Connie is aware that she is always ready to use her fantastic talents to help support charities. In October 2010, she was on the bill at two charity concerts in the UK. The first was the annual Pop 4 Diabetes event held in Bournemouth. Many in the audience were moved to tears when Connie sang her signature tune Over The Rainbow while the main screen showed a video depicting one person’s struggle against the disease.

Connie’s YouTube videos have in total had over a hundred million views. Videos on her official channel are currently viewed over 100,000 times per day. Every 0.76 seconds somebody somewhere is viewing one of Connie’s videos.

In her spare time Connie loves playing Netball and plays for her school team in the position of goal attack. She also loves to create items of art. In particular she enjoys pyrography which is a method of creating art by burning on wood.

There is probably no better tribute to Connie’s wonderful nature that her insistence that she does not have ‘fans’. She prefers to call people her ‘friends’, and more than any international celebrity she maintains a very close relationship with everyone through her involvement in her online forum and regular twitter updates. Whilst everyone marvels at Connie’s wonderful voice, perhaps it is her incredible personality that inspires the most. Everyone who has met Connie has experienced her lovely nature. In particular Connie’s voice and personality have brought comfort and strength to many people in need of inspiration.

Oprah Winfrey commented that Connie was in the top 10 most talented kids spanning over the last 25 years, along side the likes of Charlotte Church and Justin Bieber.

It is impossible to fully appreciate Connie’s character without understanding the wonderful loving environment that she enjoys at home with her family. Whilst you might expect a young star to be the product of ‘pushy’ parents you soon realise that Connie is supported in whatever she chooses to do by the incredible love of a close and caring family.