Tim Oliver

Each member of the Creative Team was asked to give 10 fun facts about themselves. Here is what Tim said:

  1. I talk to my plants.
  2. Had I been a girl, my name would have been Sarah.
  3. I danced briefly in the music video for a fairly well known 90s club hit.
  4. I love a good 80s power ballad.
  5. I am appalling at lip reading.
  6. I once told Lady Gaga that she wouldn't want to see me in a vest. I haven't worked for her since.
  7. Unless I'm actually leaving the house, I don't ever get dressed.
  8. I can't stand hearing the sound of other people eating, especially at breakfast.
  9. I have never been in a punch up.
  10. I have no control over my consumption of twiglets.