Ros Jones

Each member of the Creative Team was asked to give 10 fun facts about themselves. Here is what Ros said:

  1. I live in an 18th Century Farmhouse and lots of red squirrels come and play in my garden.
  2. I love singing Musical Theatre songs very loudly in my car with the window down.
  3. I am the Musical Director of a ladies only community choir in Loverpool called the Liverpool Show Choir.
  4. I love playing table tennis and crazy golf.
  5. I wish I could tap dance.
  6. I have lots of nicknames: Wendy, Dizzy, Clutters, D.
  7. I met my husband in the band for an Andrew Lloyd Webber show called The Woman in White at the Palace Theatre, London. He was playing the French Horn and I was playing the Keyboard.
  8. I like speaking French, but I also like speaking in pretend languages with my daughter.
  9. I love walking up mountains and then enjoying the views from the summit after a long walk. I also like rainbows, clouds, and guinea pigs!
  10. I always look at the desserts first on a menu and my favourite chocolate bar is Snickers!