Laura-Jayne Hunter

Each member of the Creative Team was asked to give 10 fun facts about themselves. Here is what Laura-Jayne said:

  1. I'm really frightened of moths and wasps.
  2. I like to do MMA fitness and I can skip like a real boxer.
  3. I have a Norwegian Forest cat who I'm trying to teach not to hunt mice and squirrels.
  4. I am the eldest of 5 and my youngest sibling is 9.
  5. I'm crazy about biscuits and buns (my favourite are tray bakes).
  6. I once snorkelled with sharks - one of the scariest things I've ever done.
  7. My favourite drink is elderflower and sparkling water. #oldbeforemytime
  8. I have motion sickness which upsets me because I love roller coasters.
  9. I'm considering starting stand up comedy this year.
  10. I can't sleep without a hot water bottle all year round.