Gigi Morley

Each member of the Creative Team was asked to give 10 fun facts about themselves. Here is what Gigi said:

  1. Gigi is short for Giselle. My Dad wanted to name me Donna Lu, a combination of his name, Aldon and my mum's name, Lucy. A family friend who came to visit just after I was born told my parents they should name me "Giselle after the ballet". I am eternally grateful to that family friend. 
  2. Varied is one way to describe my working life so far, I've tapped rubber trees in Thailand, been the youngest matron at a private boarding school in Kent and interviewed Beverly Knight.....just so I can buy food and cute shoes. 
  3. As a qualified marriage celebrant I'm legally authorised to conduct weddings in Australia. Seeing that I don't live down under, once you do get the legal bit sorted in a registry office I can conduct the wedding ceremony of your dreams anywhere you'd like, on the London Eye, on a Caribbean beach or in the Penguin enclosure at Regents Park Zoo.
  4. Host, presenter, mistress of ceremonies, compere, pick one to describe what I do or all of the above.  I've worked across TV Channels 1 - 5 and beyond on programmes like the National Lottery, Loose Women and the right Stuff to name a few. 
  5. The National Lottery's "Voice of the Balls" once asked me live on air "what would you do if you won 8.5 million pounds?....I said "buy Thierry Henry". That was many years ago and my answer hasn't changed. 
  6. I love what I do and I'm fascinated by people who feel the same. So I co-developed and hosted an 8 part lifestyle series called Live What You Love, all about the challenges and triumphs faced by amazing people who do what they love for a living. 
  7. Between a bunch of heavily sequinned dresses and the Nutribullet blender I take with me (so I can make healthy smoothies) my Young Voices tour suitcase is extremely heavy. 
  8. I'm obsessed with stationery, especially brightly coloured, lined post it notes and novelty flamingo paperclips. 
  9. When I'm not on stage, I coach extraordinary individuals who want to be spectacular communicators: public speaking, on tv or on radio.  
  10. I just came back from Trinidad and so my favourite line in the YV repertoire this year is in the Five Guys Named Moe medley: "Saigo boy from Fyzabad, a little town in Trinidad".  Listen out for it.