David Lawrence

Each member of the Creative Team was asked to give 10 fun facts about themselves. Here is what David said:

  1. I went to Primary school in a village called Ash in Kent, and to secondary school in a town called Dover. Dover has had a castle since the iron age, has the second busiest passenger ferry terminal in Europe, and hosted the Lawrence's for a number of years in a house opposite Buckland Hospital, birthplace of Joss Stone.
  2. I didn’t get on a plane until I was 19, although have since travelled to a fifth of the world’s countries. Thus my air miles have always exceed my brownie points by a long, long way.
  3. My degree years were spent happily at Warwick University where I read Mathematics and Education, dearly wanting to be a teacher, and looking forward to keeping my music as a hobby. I passed the first bit, but spectacularly failed the second.
  4. In 1988 I was very lucky to get into the Royal Academy of Music to study orchestral conducting, and three years later, was very lucky to get out. Fortunately, the examiners were so impressed by how I got out of a tricky situation with the orchestra that I got the Henry Wood Prize for best exam! Unfortunately, the £100 prize cheque was overshadowed by my £125 library fines, so I ended up with a certificate, and a bill.
  5. I live in Jersey, which is very beautiful, and occasionally rather inconvenient.
  6. When I was 8, I threw a stone over a house. Except it didn’t quite make it. I broke a window, and for years my sister made me do whatever she wanted, taunting me with "I'll tell about the window!" At least it’s out there now.
  7. My nickname at the Academy was Big Bird on account of me being rather thin, having a funny nose, and lots of curly hair. The nickname has disappeared, the svelte demeanour, and hair too, but I’m very proud to still have my nose.
  8. In what year did the Euro come into being, SpongeBob SquarePants get first broadcast, and did I start conducting Young Voices concerts? 1999. The children from my first concerts could easily have their own children here tonight. Great...
  9. My first two television appearances were conducting on Songs of Praise and driving on Police, Camera, Action.
  10. I once worked with an influential German composer called Stockhausen. He wrote the Helicopter Quartet, a scene from one his operas where each member of a string quartet is suspended above the opera house in their own helicopter. He once put my name down on a list of recommended conductors for his music, but misspelt my address, and I’m pretty sure this is why no-one called.