Craig McLeish

Each member of the Creative Team was asked to give 10 fun facts about themselves. Here is what Craig said:

  1. My first word was "Fire". I used to sit watching the flames.
  2. My Grandparents lived 2 doors away from Benjamin Britten and when I was 5, I'd lay on the grass listening to an orchestra playing in his garden.
  3. As a boy treble, I sang on Harry Nilssons' single "All I Think About is You".
  4. My brother got the highest mark in the country in O Level Physics and the Daily Mirror came round to take pictures of him reading the Beano.
  5. Whilst on the prep-school cricket team, I broke a stump bowling someone out on first ball.
  6. As a child my nickname was Digger. I hated it then but I like it now! I have a lot of other nicknames that are far worse!
  7. As a student in London, I rented the top floor from Patricia Routledge's brother. But he chucked me out when I let a sick friend (who couldn't get home) sleep on the floor.
  8. I once was supposed to have a week's "exchange" with a French schoolboy but they left me alone at home all day and I never really met him.
  9. One of my first arranging jobs was for the Glasgow Philharmonis. After 3 solid weeks of work, I delivered the scores the night before. The conductor wasn't happy that they got a cheap student to write the music so he forced me to rewrite the last page of one song. After staying up all night "fixing" it, they messed it up because he didn't rehearse it properly.
  10. I am a cycling fanatic and am a proud member of the A5 Rangers Club.