Carl Stanbridge

Each member of the Creative Team was asked to give 10 fun facts about themselves. Here is what Carl said:

  1. I worked in a chip shop as a teenager and set fire to a huge metal bin which I was made to crawl into and pull the burning rubbish out of by my boss and burnt my eyebrows. I also got fired (quite literally!).
  2. Many years ago I was showing off to a girl about how far I could throw stones into the sea and acciddentally picked up a dog poo. I still threw it.
  3. My middle name is Zolan.
  4. I can vibrate my eyeballs.
  5. I can ride a bike forwards, sitting backwards on the handlebars.
  6. When I was 16, I borrowed my Gran's sun tan machine from the 1960s. It burnt my face and I looked like a tomato for a week after that.
  7. I once cycled with my eyes shut for as long as possible, hit a concrete post, and went over the handlebars.
  8. I can remember hiding behind the sofa from mummy when I'd done a poo in my nappy and also sitting in the baby bath. (No, that wasn't last year).
  9. I came 2nd place in the 1979 Felixstowe Carnival as Spider-Man, riding my spider-bike.
  10. I failed my cycling proficiency test for sticking my right arm out when I wanted to turn left.