Shchedryk Shchedryk

A Ukrainian New Year Carol

This December Young Voices and Colfe’s School in London are encouraging schools around the country to sing ‘Shchedryk, Shchedryk’, a traditional Ukrainian carol taught to us by Ukrainian pupils in the school.

Like many schools around the UK, Colfe’s School has welcomed new pupils who had fled their homes from war torn Ukraine in search of safety. As we approach Christmas and a New Year, these children at Colfe’s School are safe; however, the initial excitement of arriving over here has, inevitably, worn off. Every day there is the struggle of working hard to communicate with their English friends and to access lessons, on top of the constant and very real concern for their family members, friends and even pets back at home.

See how the project developed here:

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  • Colfe’s School children singing the carol with phonetic subtitles

  • Colfe’s School pupil Yeva Plaksina speaking the Ukrainian words to help other children learn them

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  • Full vocal track of Colfe’s School children singing the carol

  • Backing Track for your school to use when singing the Carol


Score and Lyric Sheets including the Ukrainian, Phonetic and English versions below.