O2 Arena Private Suites

Upgrade your YV experience by treating yourself to a Private Suite at The O2.

For the first time EVER we are delighted to be able to offer your parents and their families a chance to watch the concert from one of The O2’s Private Suites.

Enjoy exclusive access to your suite which will be located on a private level. With superb views of the choir, they are the best way to enjoy the unique experience of watching your choir's performance from this privileged position. 

You can make the delightful experience of enjoying your O2 Concert even more remarkable and be part of an experience you will treasure.

 All suites are wheelchair accessible.

What you get for your money

  • 24 tickets to include 18 seats and 6 stools
  • Private fast track entrance on arrival
  • Each Private Suite costs £900 flat rate (plus venue booking fees)
  • Suites are only sold as an entire suite

How to order

  • To book your Private Suite call The O2 direct on: 0844 856 0202
  • Click the button below
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