Why do I have to give you a personal email? Won’t my school email suffice?

We ask for a personal emails because Yammer accounts are in your name. Therefore, as you change schools and bring different choirs – you don’t need to constantly be creating a new Yammer account. You can continue to log on year after year and get the same service regardless of which school you are with.

Do I have to use Yammer?

No. Yammer is an added experience that is not mandatory in order to attend our concerts. However, teachers have found it extremely useful and found comfort in being able to talk to other teachers who have been to our concerts before – some have been with us since the beginning (25 years!!).

Can I access Yammer from home?

Absolutely. Simply go to www.yammer.com/yvteachercommunity. Or Yammer does have an app that can be used on Android and Apple.

I know I have a Yammer account but I can’t remember my password. Can you reset it?

Because your account is with Yammer, we do not have access to your log in details. However, when you go to www.yammer.com/yvteachercommunity simply click on the ‘Forgot Password?’ and Yammer will help you reset your password.

I can access my account from home with no problems, but I can’t seem to get it to work at school. Please help!

Yammer is a social networking site. So if you cannot access from a school computer or using school WIFI then this is because your school has blocked social networking sites. It is possible to grant Yammer permission without allowing all social networking sites access. Just ask your IT guru as they’ll know exactly how to do this.