YV Teacher Workshop

Is the fee per teacher or is it a flat fee?

The workshop fee of £80 is per person. However, we do not limit the number of teachers you can bring. As long as there is availability we would be happy to see as many people as we can to attend the workshops.

I want to attend a workshop in London but noticed that there are two dates. Do I have to attend both?

No. Teacher Workshops are just a one day commitment. If the venue you are interested in has two dates listed – this is because we have so many teachers that are interested that we needed to spread out over two days.

My concert is in Sheffield but I can’t attend the Sheffield workshop. Can I attend a workshop in a different city?

Of course! Workshops are based around the music and dance moves which are the same for all of our concerts. This makes the workshop content the same as well. So book a workshop based on your availability and don’t worry about being the only Sheffield teacher. You might be surprised to see you aren’t the only one!

But what if I have a question that pertains only to my concert date?

Members of the YV admin team are at all the workshops and will be available for any account specific queries.

My school’s finance department needs an invoice before processing payment. How do I go about getting one?

When you add a workshop online, the payment page allows you to select an invoice instead of paying by card. Invoices will be emailed through but can also be found under Billing Tab in My Account on the Teacher Centre.

Please Note: An Invoice DOES NOT reserve/secure your place in our workshops and is subject to availability. An invoice must be fully paid in order to be confirmed as attending one of our workshops. Invoices are payable upon receipt.