Tickets (Q&A)

I have 30 children in my choir. Does this mean I have 30 tickets reserved already?

No. We do not reserve Audience Tickets based on the size of your choir.

Audience Tickets must be ordered and are sold on a first come, first served (basis subject to availability).

Only full payment (before the 31 October deadline) reserves your Audience Tickets and guarantees your order.

Do I have to purchase tickets for the choir?

No. Members of the choir are included under the cost of the registration. Audience Tickets are for audience members only.

I don’t have time to do this. Can’t I just send my parents to you?

No. Please DO NOT send your parents to us. We cannot accept any parent orders including parent cheques or cash. All orders must be placed via the school. This includes parents phoning YV with questions. Please encourage your parents to check with you first or look at the For Parents section of our website.

Can I purchase tickets from the box office?

During our booking period, all ticket orders must come to YV. Only after the booking period and IF there are any tickets left available will the box office of the arenas begin to sell. Due to us always selling out (it is just a matter of when not if) your chances of booking your Audience Tickets increase substantially if booked through YV – the sooner the better!

I’ve booked some tickets during the booking period. But when I went to the box office to purchase two more – the price was more expensive!

This is another reason why we encourage you to book your Audience Tickets through us during the booking period. The cost of tickets increase by approximately 20% at the box office due to their booking fees.

I’ve checked The O2’s website and it says there are no concerts on the date I’m supposed to be attending?!

Young Voices concerts are a private event and are not open to the general public. Therefore, all arenas are entitled to leave our concerts off of their websites as they don’t want a member of the general public thinking it is available to book.

Lost ticket/s? YV can re-issue

If you provide us with the Block, Row, and Seat number of the missing ticket/s – we can request a replacement to be re-issued and sent to you free of charge. Or, if it is too close to the concert date, we will have the ticket waiting for you or the named parent, at the box office (I.D. will be requested from the parent if they are to collect the replacement ticket/s).

We strongly encourage all schools to make photocopies of your Audience Tickets and to take note of which families went home with which tickets. So if this does happen – it is easier to locate this information.

We’re on holiday next week but haven’t had our tickets. I’m worried they’ll arrive when no one is here to receive them.

Don’t worry. We know when the school holidays are and stop the dispatching of orders in the days leading up to the holiday. Dispatching then resumes with plenty of time to receive your order before the concert.

Tickets ordered through the school will be sent directly to your school and received no later than a week before your concert.

Please Note: Birmingham concert tickets will be emailed to the teacher that placed the order and sent from The Ticket Factory. Sheffield tickets will also be emailed to the teacher that placed the order and sent from the arena.
The O2 Arena & OVO Arena (Wembley), tickets will be available via the venue app, under the user's details that placed the order through your Teacher Centre account. More information relating to the app can be found on our website.
Manchester concert tickets will be posted.

My finance department in school needs an invoice before processing payment. How do I go about getting one?

When you place your order online, the payment page allows you to select an invoice instead of paying by card. Invoices will be emailed through but can also be found under Order History in My Account on the Teacher Centre.

Please Note: An Invoice DOES NOT reserve/secure your order and is subject to availability. An invoice must be fully paid in order to allocate your tickets. Invoices are payable upon receipt. If payment has not been received by 31 October, your order will be cancelled from the next working day and will show as credited on your teacher centre account.