“I joined Young Voices 8+ years ago and have loved every minute. Two years ago I was asked to trial a new teacher community...Yammer. This was to be a place where teachers could share ideas and support each other through the year with ideas, advice and resources. It has now developed into a great resource; I love sharing ideas with like-minded people. Keeping the excitement going through the 'quiet' months and sharing the suspense leading up to the arrival of the music packs has been an added bonus.

The real benefit of Yammer has been the wealth of knowledge and experience that's out there. Ideas for rehearsals, really useful resources, shared tips on how to teach songs and questions answered by people who really know what they are talking about, with tried and tested ideas. It's really good to know that whatever problems might arise during the run up to the concerts, someone out there will probably have faced the same problem and be able to provide if not a solution, some support and the knowledge that it'll be alright on the night.

Lots of questions that I felt were too trivial to bother the YV team with have been answered on Yammer. There are always ideas on how to deal with the logistics of the day; things other teachers have used that have worked, or not, to make the day of the concert run more smoothly. I hope I've been able to help some other teachers who are newer to YV too. Yammer is a really great resource and I just wish it had been there when I first joined YV.”

– Fran Loretto, bringing choirs to YV for 8 years

“I've found Yammer to be a priceless link between everyone involved in Young Voices, including fellow teachers as well as organisers. I have been able to ask and answer questions, and above all, stay in the know with all that's happening.”

– Andy Severyn, bringing choirs to YV for 6 years

“Being on Yammer has meant that I haven't felt alone on the YV journey especially if I have a question that seems trivial - you'll discover there are others wondering the same thing! It's been a way of sharing the excitement and encouraging each other - a brilliant way to connect all us hard working teachers bringing the YV experience to the children! It's a valuable cog in the bigger YV wheel!!”

– Tracy Steward, bringing choir to YV for 5 years