Do you have resources available to the choir to practice from home?

Through the process we’ll provide you and your child with an invaluable resource called the YV Music Room and YV at Home for registered schools. This resource allows your child to continue rehearsals at home. There is a massive sense of achievement gained from rehearsing over so many months and finally performing to a sold out audience of thousands.

I’ve lost the CDs but still have the music book. Can you send replacements?

As long as we have stock availability we can provide you with additional CDs for £5. Just contact the office.

We have two teachers that take turns teaching the music. Can I have a second music pack?

As long as we have stock availability we can provide you with a second music pack for £85. Just contact the office.

Can I put the CDs on our school website?

No. You can always put a link to our website on your website (keeping in mind that anything teacher related is not for the children in the choir) but direct uploads of any of our resources including the lyric sheet is against our copyright.

Can I copy the CDs and give out to the members of my choir?

No. The CDs are designed to be played in a CD player, computer, or yes even the car – but the copying, ripping, burning, and distribution of the CDs is against our copyright.