Rehearsal Schedule

As you can imagine, seating all of our choirs in time for the rehearsal is a huge task. Therefore, the most important thing when you arrive is to go straight to your seats. Schools must not do mass-toilet stops before seating their choir.

Once rehearsal has started, children should not go to the toilets in large groups as this can be extremely distracting. Neither should children ever go by themselves. Small groups of 5 are advised.


13:30 – Choirs arrive at the arena and the teacher in charge will lead their choir to their seats. Stewards will be available to assist. See Choir Allocation for seating information.

14:15 – Rehearsal will start (late choirs will miss warm-ups and any announcements).

17:00 – Rehearsal will end and children can take a 1 hour tea break. NO glass bottles are permitted in the arena. Children must not leave the arena building.

18:00 – Children must be back in their designated seats ready for the audience to arrive. Jumpers/blazers to be removed, phones turned off, and white shirts must be on by this time.

19:00 – Concert Begins!

20:45 – Concert ends. Refer to Egress information for full details on after concert procedures.

These are rough timings so if we start late or run over – please understand that sometimes these things happen.