For the online process - I can see where you can select the venue but I can’t seem to find where you select the date. Am I missing it?

When registering online you will be able to select which venue you would like to attend. However, you will not be able to select the date as this is allocated to you. You can request a date change if your Registration is paid.(Subject to Availability)

Do I include adults in my approximate choir numbers?

We ask that you do not include adults when giving your approximate choir numbers. We will automatically assign adults based on our ratio. See Choir Numbers for more information.

Do you accommodate children with disabilities?

Absolutely. Check out Choir Numbers for information on what we can do for you.

Are the Teacher Workshops mandatory?

No they are not but we strongly encourage them as it is a fun day out with our conductor, music director, and creative director. Go to Teacher Workshops for more information.

If you decide that a workshop is not for you simply leave that part blank on the form via post or if you are registering online – simply skip the page.

My school’s finance department needs an invoice before processing payment. How do I go about getting one?

Once you register online, the payment page allows you to select an invoice instead of paying by card. Invoices will be emailed through but can also be found under Billing Tab in My Account on the Teacher Centre.

Please Note: An Invoice DOES NOT reserve/secure your place in our concerts and is subject to availability. An invoice must be fully paid in order to be confirmed as attending our concerts. Invoices are payable upon receipt.

My school is from a deprived area and, although I really want them to take part, the costs involved would be asking too much of my parents. Is there anything you can do?

Our YV Foundation offers a grant every year to schools in this situation. Click here for more information.