Registering for a YV Concert

Every year YV charges a registration fee (£85) for schools who wish to take part. The registration fee is a flat fee regardless of the size of your choir.

With payment of the registration fee you will receive:

  • Information Book – information, order forms and useful tips
  • Music Pack – backing tracks CD, full vocals CD, and a DVD of dance moves
  • Online Teacher Resources – full access
  • Online YV Teacher Community – full access
  • Inclusion in a YV concert – regardless of the size of your choir!

To confirm your choirs’ place in one of our concerts, the payment of the registration fee must be received and approved. All registrations are subject to availability until payment is received in full.

For health & safety purposes we ask that each school register separately. If your school is part of an Academy or Trust - we understand that this might cause a bit of a grey area. If you are unsure ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Do we have separate rehearsals?
  2. Will I need multiple Music Packs?
  3. Will each school have their own finances that they will pay for things such as t-shirts and tickets?
  4. Is each school located on a separate site - requiring different postal addresses?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions then you must register each school separately. Still unsure - please contact the YV office before registering.