Music Pack

The Music Pack is an integral part of the success of Young Voices.

The Music Pack is assembled to reflect the vast and diverse music out there, both historically from past and present, as well as through different genres from classical to rock, soul to pop.

Young Voices is committed to introducing children to music from the widest possible spectrum and to do this it is important that the Music Pack brings together these elements that can balance both well-known music as well as pieces outside of the children’s current listening habits.

For the teachers it is vital that Young Voices creates a pack that is both accessible as well as challenging, to cater for the largest possible cross section of students. At the same time it’s important to give teachers the flexibility to be able to tailor their own rehearsals in a way that will best fit both the general musical ability of the class as well as their attention span.

Also, the Music Pack needs to be engaging within the classroom for the day in day out rehearsals as well as impactful when performed in an arena setting by thousands. To do this one must delicately balance the educational aspect with the end product to ensure a great show on the night.