Transportation to the arena is very important. Depending on how far you have to go schools have been known to walk or take the train. But the most common form of transportation is by coach.

The YV office will not be organizing any coach parking on behalf of schools. So it is up to you to make the appropriate arrangements. To help ensure that all runs smoothly on the day, we need you to book your coach parking before your concert date.

Please Note: The following is just a brief overview. Full coach parking information can be found in the Teacher Centre under Teacher Resources.

Booking your Coach

During the Autumn Term coach information is distributed to all schools attending a concert in Manchester. You do not need to pre-book your parking but we do encourage you to become familiar with the layout of the arena and where you need to go.

This year we will be suggesting possible parking areas depending on where your choir is sat in the arena. But this information will be distributed closer to your concert date.

If your coach is not parking for the full day and is only dropping off and picking up, you do not need to let us know. Details on where coaches can pick up/drop off can also be found in the Teacher Centre under Teacher Resources.

All parking is subject to availability.