Final Numbers

Do I include adults in my final choir numbers?

Yes please. There is a space on the form to give us a break down of how many children versus adults you will be brining – keeping in mind that our ratio is 1:10.

My school requires a higher ratio than your 1:10. Is that okay?

Of course. If your required ratio is 1:8 simply enter in the appropriate number of adults you need. If we have any queries we’ll get in touch.

I have a child who needs one on one attention. How do I bring that to your attention?

When you submit your final choir numbers simply include the extra adult in the numbers. There is a place on the form to enter in number of wheelchairs but if the special needs are something other than wheelchairs, just send us an email outlining any special seating requirements.

I will be bringing a child who will need the privacy of a room in order to address her medical needs. Can you accommodate?

Absolutely. If you need something above and beyond what is readily available to the general public please send us an email. We can help arrange anything from a private room to a disabled toilet and even a prayer room.

For a full list of what is available to the general public, check out your arena’s website and their accessibility.

I’m not going to have my final choir numbers by the 30th September. Can I submit them the week after?

No. The deadline for final choir numbers is the 30th September. If we do not receive your final numbers by this date, we will take your approximate as final.

I know it’s past the deadline but I’ve had two children bring back their forms. Can we add them?

No. After the deadline, choir numbers are locked and no further amendments can be made.