Choir T-Shirts

I have 30 children in my choir. Does this mean I have 30 T-shirts reserved already?

No. We do not reserve Choir T-shirts based on the size of your choir.

You will need to place an order and pay before the 31st October. Once the order has been placed and paid for, we will reserves your Choir T-shirts.

How Much are Young Voices T-shirts?

  • T-shirts are priced at: Child - £15
  • Adult - £15 (adult sizes include VAT)

Plus shipping.

Please note our shipping charges have changed for t-shirt orders.

How much is shipping?

There is a shipping charge per order that will depend on the quantity being ordered. Delivery is now through a tracked courier service. P&P charges will range from £5.60 to a maximum of approximately £20.

Any additional orders placed after the first order will also incur the shipping charge. Please make sure your order is correct before completing the form.

Do we have to purchase choir t-shirts?

No you do not. Choir t-shirts are not mandatory.

If I don’t purchase a shirt is there a dress code that I need to follow instead?

If you decide not to purchase a Choir T-shirt we ask that a plain white shirt is worn instead. White allows for the lights to bounce off the choir. If you wear any other colour, you will get lost and won’t be seen very easily.

I am a teacher bringing a choir, can I order a t-shirt?

Absolutely! Choir t-shirts are for anyone in the choir including adult chaperones. We do offer adult sizes for those teachers that want a shirt of their own.

My child is in one of the choirs attending but their sibling is not. Can I purchase a shirt for them as well?

Yes, T-shirts and other merchandise are available through our online merchandise store. Please note this is subject to availability, prices may vary and torches sold separately.

Click here to visit our online merchandise store

It may also be possible to buy choir t-shirts and torches (sold separately) on the day of the concert at the arena's merchandise stand. This is also subject to availability and additional arena charges will apply.

Instead of purchasing a shirt can I put your design onto a shirt of my own?

No. Copying of our Choir T-shirts or any merchandise is against our copyright. You must purchase a Choir T-shirt or wear a plain white one.

I don’t have time to do this. Can’t I just send my parents to you?

No. Please DO NOT send your parents to us. We cannot accept any parent orders including parent cheques or cash. All orders must be via the school. This includes parents phoning YV with questions. Please encourage your parents to check with you first or look at the For Parents section of our website.

How do I order the Young Voices T-shirts?

Purchase your choir t-shirt pack through the YV Teacher Centre shop, before the 31 October deadline so that they can be delivered in time for the YV Concert.

Are the torches included when ordering the T-shirts?

If you purchase your choir t-shirt through the YV Teacher Centre shop, before the 31 October deadline, you will have have a free torch with every T-shirt.

However if you purchase through the arena merchandise stand or online shop, the torches are sold separately. Please note this is subject to availability and additional arena charges will apply.

How do I pay for my order?

Payment can be made by credit card or BACS. A receipt of payment will be available in your Teacher Centre account.

Please note: You can request an invoice up to 30 September 2023 via the Teacher Centre shop. After this date and up to 31 October 2023, only *Credit Card Payments will be taken.

If payment has not been received by 31 October, your order will be cancelled from the next working day and will show as credited on your teacher centre account. We must put this process in place to avoid unnecessary chasing and fend off delays on processing your orders.

I’ve missed the booking period for ordering shirts. Can I still get one?

If you miss the t-shirt pack order deadline it is possible to buy choir t-shirts on the day of the concert at the arena merchandise stand (subject to availability and additional arena charges will apply). To avoid disappointment it is preferable to order your t-shirts well in advance.

I’ve booked some shirts during the booking period. But when I went to purchase more on the day – the price was more expensive!

During the booking period we are able to offer schools a discounted ‘bulk order’. After our booking period the prices must go up in order to accommodate for fees received by the arena.

I’ve received my order but a couple of the shirts are the wrong size. What do I do?

Regardless of if an order was made incorrectly or completed incorrectly, a ‘T-shirt Returns Form’ will be included with every order.

We’re on holiday next week but haven’t had our shirts. I’m worried they’ll arrive when no one is here to receive them.

Don’t worry. We know when the school holidays are and stop the dispatching of orders in the days leading up to the holiday. Dispatching then resumes with plenty of time to receive your order before the concert.

All orders are posted and received no later than 2 weeks before your concert date.

My school’s finance department needs an invoice before processing payment. How do I go about getting one?

When you place your order online, the payment page allows you to select an invoice instead of paying by card. Invoices will be emailed through but can also be found under Order History in My Account on the Teacher Centre.

Please Note: An Invoice DOES NOT reserve/secure your order and is subject to availability. An invoice must be fully paid in order to dispatch your order. Invoices are payable upon receipt.