Choir T-Shirts

Each year we provide a Choir T-shirt that features the current season’s design. Choir T-shirts are available to everyone in the choir. If you decide not to purchase a Choir T-shirt we ask that a white t-shirt is worn instead.

Special ‘Limited Edition’ 25 Year Celebration Pack

We recommend that children and carer/support staff in the choir wear the official Young Voices Celebration T-Shirt during the concert.

For Schools - Once you have collated your orders from parents, login to your account page in the Teacher Centre and purchase your packs through the Teacher Centre shop - now available to order.

For Parents - please hand in your order to the teacher in charge of YV. They will then submit the order/s via their available YV account. Orders cannot be placed individually before our deadline date of 19th November 2021.


25 Year CELEBRATION T-Shirt Pack

PACK 1 YV 2022


In support of

YV Special Edition 25 Year Celebration Sparkle Effect T-Shirt
YV Special Edition Torch
Special Edition 25 Year Celebration Wristband
YV’s Biggest Sing Lanyard and VIP Performer Pass (see page 5 for more details on YV’s Biggest Sing event) YV Special Edition 25 Year Celebration Memory Poster

Child - £12. Adult - £12+VAT (£14.40)