The BIG Night

  • Security information & Risk Assessments

    Security information & Risk Assessments information for your concert date

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  • Teacher IDs

    For health and safety reasons, we ask that all adult chaperones wear official accredidation at all times that is visible to security and YV staff. Click here to find out what to do if you are bringing parent volunteers.

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  • Rehearsal

    Arrival time, Dress code and more useful information for the Concert Rehearsal.

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  • Banners

    School banners are a fun way to express your uniqueness as a choir and help your parents spot their children in the choir!

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  • Egress/School Collection Points

    Please arrange with your parents before the day of the concert where and how you will be returning their children to them. Young Voices STRONGLY RECOMMENDS PARENTS DO NOT PICK YOUR CHILD UP FROM THE ARENA.

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  • Distracting props and items

    For health and safety reasons, as well the overall effect of the concert, there are certain items that will not be allowed in the arena. Click here for a full list of distracting props and items.

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