We encourage all our schools to bring a banner with your School Name to our concert. School banners are a fun way to express your uniqueness as a choir and help your parents spot their children in the choir! Some schools get other departments involved and make it a school effort!

The average size of a banner is 6’x3’. There is limited spaces to hang the banners. So banners larger than the average size could cause the choirs around them to not have a space for their own banner. Also, banners smaller than the average can be hard to read depending on where you are sat in the arena.

Couple things to keep in mind when creating your banner:

  • No banners will be allowed into the arena if they are fixed to a wooden or metal pole.
  • No flashing lights, glow-in-the-dark, or neon effects will be permitted during the concert.
  • Do not tape your banners to railings/barriers. All banners must be removed at the end of the concert.

We recommend using string to tie up your banner but don’t forget to bring a pair of scissors for easier removal at the end of the day.

Please Note: Yellow is NOT a good colour for banners. Especially for lettering. Yellow doesn’t show up in our lighting and comes across as white.