Additional T-Shirt Orders

We can accept additional T-shirt orders if you need to order them in batches. Please note this needs to be placed during our ordering period. After the ordering period – no orders will be accepted through the YV office regardless of if they are your first or 10th order.

Any additional orders placed after the first order are treated as separate orders, therefore will also incur the shipping charge. Please make sure your order is correct before completing as we are unable to change this. Shipping charges are per order and will depend on the quantity being ordered. Delivery is now through a tracked courier service. P&P charges will range from £5.60 to a maximum of £20.

If you have missed the deadline and would still like to purchase t-shirts, you can purchase online (after our deadline date). T-shirts and other merchandise are available through our online merchandise store. Please note this is subject to availability, prices may vary and torches are sold separately. Click here to visit our online merchandise store

Choir T-shirts will also be available to purchase from the merchandise stand at the arena between 17:00-18:00 (timings to be confirmed, subject to availability and additional arena charges will apply). Stock is limited and will be sold on a first come, first served basis.