About the Community

The Young Voices Teacher Community is a secure social network in an online environment that allows for communication and coordination. It’s a great tool that not only gives you access to great information but also gives you the opportunity to chat with experienced YV teachers and pick up wonderful tips. Members of the YV team are also on the community to assist with any questions you have.

Why Online?

Have you ever...

  1. Had a question and didn’t know who to ask?
  2. Thought of a great idea and want to build on it?
  3. Wanted to know more about Young Voices, music education, best practices and much much more?

Our online Teacher Community lets you...

  • Find answers faster - tap into the network to see who can help, someone might have worked on something similar, or knows where else to look
  • Conceptualize with others in the Network - you might find inspiration from another teacher or a member of the YV team
  • Stay informed on YV Updates - follow our progress and better understand how what you do helps us reach our goals and help you and your choir have the best possible experience ever.

All while helping build a pool of knowledge that’s instantly accessible by you at any time, from any device with an internet connection.