For Teachers

Welcome to Young Voices! Over the past 24 years, Young Voices has staged full scale arena concerts with first class production values nationwide. With over 2 million children that have passed through our doors, we believe passionately in inspiring the next generation to find their love for music.

Choir T-Shirts

Choir T-Shirts are available in the Teacher Centre. Please see the size chart below.
All T-Shirts are £12 which includes the YV mini torch and charity wristband.

Choir Numbers

Over 150,000 children participate in our concerts each year! As with all exciting things – there is a limit to the number of concerts we hold each year and the number of children that each venue can hold. So that we don’t exceed this capacity we need the help of you, our teachers.

Upon registration we will ask you for the approximate size of your choir. We understand that this might be far enough in the future that you don’t have a good estimate – new to the school, first time at YV, bringing a new class year, etc. However, if you could make your very best educated guess that will help us have an idea of capacity.

Any schools that do not submit an approximate choir size will be allocated our average (30 children).

We will be asking for your exact Final Choir Numbers as we get closer to the concerts. Details of your final choir numbers and how to submit them can be found in the Teacher Centre here on our website.

Teacher Workshops

The Young Voices Teacher Workshops represent a Continued Professional Development opportunity for teachers who want to improve or maintain the quality of singing in their school as well as teach a number of the skills set by the music national curriculum.

At the workshops we go through all the YV songs and medleys in depth, highlighting the key areas of musical and technical challenge starting with some great warm-up exercises and choir training tips from our renowned Conductor, David Lawrence. You will also cover all the dance moves with Andy Instone and have the chance to ask questions to members of the YV management team.

The workshops will help you teach the following elements of Key Stage 2 national curriculum for music to your pupils:

  • Play and perform in solo and ensemble contexts using their voices;
  • Listen with attention to detail and recall sounds with increasing aural memory;
  • Appreciate and understand a wide range of high-quality live and recorded music drawn from different traditions and genres, from great composers, songwriters and musicians;
  • Develop an understanding of the history of music.

Information & Logistics Resources

We at YV understand that the thought of bringing a large group of children to a major arena (maybe even miles away from your home town/city) may be a daunting task. Therefore, the step-by-step processes explained in your Information Book (received once registered) is a must-read. If you follow our Information Book carefully then your YV experience will be the smoothest, easiest, and most enjoyable experience for you and your choir.

Each year Young Voices re-writes the Information Book to include comments and feedback from teachers, parents, staff and suppliers. Everyone has a say in making the communication and the YV experience as efficient and informative as possible. The Information Book is therefore PACKED with useful information, tips, instructions and guidance and should be read from cover to cover as the FIRST THING YOU DO upon registration.

In addition to a hard copy that is sent out upon full registration, PDF versions of the information book can be found in our Teacher Centre under Teacher Resources. Please Note: This information is only available to those registered for the current concert season.

We also offer an online teacher community. The Young Voices Teacher Community is a secure social network in an online environment that allows for communication and coordination. It’s here to help you get the best information and share and communicate with other like minded teachers and the YV team.

The YV Teacher Community lets you…

  • Find Answers Faster - tap into the network to see who can help, someone might have worked on something similar, or knows where else to look
  • Brainstorm with other in the Network - you might find inspiration from another teacher or a member of the YV team
  • Stay informed on YV Updates - follow our progress and better understand how what you do helps us reach our goals and help you and your choir have the best possible experience ever.

All while helping build a pool of knowledge that’s instantly accessible by you at any time, from any device with an internet connection.

Additional logistic resources include:

  • Risk Assessments
  • Egress/School Collection point information
  • Coach Parking information

Learning Resources

The Music Pack is an integral part of the learning and education process of Young Voices.

The Music Pack is assembled to reflect the vast and diverse music out there, both historically from past and present, as well as through different genres - from classical to rock, and from soul to pop.

Young Voices is committed to introducing children to music from the widest possible spectrum and to do this it is important that the Music Pack brings together these elements that can balance both well-known music as well as pieces outside of the children’s current listening habits.

It is produced in a format that makes it easy to learn but there is also an element of challenge for the young singers. Our YV Musical Director, Craig McLeish has over twenty years experience in producing the YV Music Pack with huge success for the teachers and children alike.

Your Music Pack will include:

  • All the music you’ll need to teach your children for their concert

  • Backing Track CD

  • Full Vocal CD

  • Dance Moves DVD

In addition to providing you with hard copies of your Information Book and Music Book – our Teacher Centre has online versions available to use in your classroom. The YV Music Room includes:

  • Lyric Videos (similar to karaoke videos) to sing along to

  • Spotify Links to both the Backing Tracks and Full Vocal versions of the songs

All of this and more can be accessed via our Teacher Centre to all schools who are registered for the current concert season.

Available here on the website, we have created an invaluable resource called the YV Music Room. This resource allows your choir to continue rehearsals at home. Help us by encouraging your choir to use the YV Music Room - located in the For Children section of our website.