New School?

If you haven't attended a YV Concert in the past and it's your first time here, we must first add your School to our system. Please click the button below to complete your School sign-up form.

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Account Activation

Welcome to our brand new Teacher Centre! Before you can start using all our features, we need to make sure we have your user and school up to date in the system. It only takes a few steps:

  1. Enter your email in the form below. If you had an account with us in the past, please use the same email (it will speed up the process).
  2. On the "School Name" field start typing your school name. A list of schools will appear. Just click your school name to add it to the field. If you cannot find your school, leave the field empty.
  3. Click "Review Account Status" and you'll see the results in just a second. Just follow the instructions. If you have issues or questions, look for our chat box on the lower right corner of your browser. We'll be happy to assist you.

If possible, please use the same email you used with YV in the past.

Start typing and a list of schools will pop up so you can pick yours.