Concert Dates


We are pleased to be able to announce our dates for 2023. We look forward to welcoming you to another season with Young Voices.

Utilita Arena Sheffield

Concert Dates in Sheffield

There will be 6 concerts held at the Utilita Arena.

  • Wednesday the 4th January 2023
  • Thursday the 5th January 2023
  • Thursday the 2nd February 2023 *BSL
  • Friday the 3rd February 2023
  • Wednesday the 8th February 2023
  • Thursday the 9th February 2023

Resorts World Arena, Birmingham

Concert Dates in Birmingham

There will be 8 concerts held at the Resorts World Arena.

  • Monday the 9th January 2023
  • Tuesday the 10th January 2023
  • Wednesday the 11th January 2023
  • Thursday the 12th January 2023
  • Friday the 13the January 2023
  • Wednesday the 25th January 2023 *BSL
  • Thursday the 26th January 2023
  • Friday the 27th January 2023

The O2 Arena, London

Concert Dates in London O2 Arena

There will be 7 concerts held at the The O2 Arena.

  • Monday the 16th January 2023
  • Tuesday the17th January 2023 *BSL
  • Wednesday the 18th January 2023
  • Thursday the 19th January 2023
  • Friday the 20th January 2023
  • Monday the 23rd January 2023
  • Tuesday the 24th January 2023

Manchester AO Arena, Manchester

Concert Dates in Manchester

There will be 3 concerts held at the AO Manchester Arena.

  • Monday the 30th January 2023 *BSL
  • Tuesday the 31st January 2023
  • Wednesday the 1st February 2023

The OVO Arena, Wembley

Concert Dates in London Wembley

There will be 2 concerts held at the OVO Arena Wembley.

  • Monday the 6th February 2023
  • Tuesday the 7th February 2023 *BSL

* These will be BSL sign language interpreted performances. If your school is likely to sell tickets to audience members that need this service then please tick the box when you register your choir online.

For directions, security and other information about our venues, click the link below.