How to register for this season - REGISTRATIONS WILL OPEN ON FEBRUARY 18TH

New to Young Voices? Register your interest for the 2020 concerts

If it's your first time here, and your school hasn't participated in one of our concerts for the past five years, we may need to register your school. It will only take a few minutes. Click the link below and enter all the required information about your school. Our team will get back to you within 3-5 days to let you know the next steps.

If you already paid for a registration and want to access the Teacher Centre

We have a new system so we'll need you to reset your old passwords for previous seasons. To do that, first head on to our Activation page. On that page we'll confirm if your user (email) and School are in our new system, and we'll guide you on what to do next. You'll be logged in and enjoying the Teacher Centre and full resources in no time!

Got other questions?

If you have questions regarding registration, login, or any account issues to report we suggest using the chat box on the bottom right corner of your browser screen. Please make sure you click the box and enter your email so we can send you any follow up if needed.

For other enquiries, you can go to our contact page.