Choir Numbers

Within 1 season we can see upwards of 130,000 children participate in our concerts! But with all exciting things – there is a limit to the number of concerts we hold each year and the number of children that each venue can hold. So we don’t exceed this capacity we need the help of you, our teachers. 

Upon registration we will ask you for the approximate size of your choir. We understand that this might be far enough in the future that you don’t have a good estimate – new to the school, first time at YV, bringing a new class year, etc. But if you could make your best educated guess that will help us have an idea of capacity.

Any schools that do not submit an approximate choir size will be allocated our average (30 children). 

We will be asking for Final Choir Numbers as we get closer to the concerts.  Details of your final choir numbers and how to submit them can be found in Sept-Dec: Preparing for the Concerts.