General Merchandise

In addition to the merchandise offered in the YV School Shop, we have a wide range of general merchandise available to you, your children in the choir, siblings, and even your parents!

All general merchandise is available to purchase from the arena merchandise stands on the night of your concert. Here is a brief list of what all will be available:

  • Red and Grey t-shirts (child & adult sizes): £15
  • Red and Grey hoodies (child sizes only): £25
  • Tote Bags: £7
  • Water Bottles: £7
  • Key-ring Torches: £1
  • Programmes: £5

Please Note: If you or children in your choir decide to purchase any of the red and grey merchandise, please remember that a plain white shirt must be worn during the concert. These are great during the rehearsal or when travelling to/from the arena. Just be sure either the YV Choir T-shirt or a plain white shirt is worn for the concert.