Wow! What a night! I wish it would never end!

It doesn’t have to. You can relive the magic over and over again by purchasing a DVD of your concert. DVDs can be booked via the YV Office from:

            July 2016 – 25th November 2016

During the above period we are offering a bulk school discount of £9.99 per DVD. After the 25th November, DVDs will still be available but at an increased price of £12.50

Ordering via Post

You can submit a DVD order via post by filling out the ‘Master DVD Order’ form on page 15 of your information book and sending it (along with payment) to:

            Young Voices
            Grove Mews
            1 Coronation Road
            Cardiff CF14 4QY

We can accept multiple forms of payment. Details are outlined in Payment Methods.

Ordering Online

DVDs are also available to purchase from our online YV School Shop.

  1. Go to Teacher Centre
  2. Log in (same details you created when registering)
  3. Click on 2017 DVDs
  4. Add quantity you want to purchase
  5. Click ADD
  6. Checkout

Confirmation of your DVD order will be emailed to you once full payment for the DVDs have been received.