Information Book

We at YV understand that the thought of bringing a large group of children to a major arena (maybe even miles away from your home town/city) is a daunting one to consider. Therefore, the step-by-step processes explained in detail here in this book is a must-read. If you follow our information book to the letter then your YV experience will be the smoothest, easiest and most enjoyable experience for you and your choir.

Each year Young Voices re-writes the Information Book to include comments and feedback from teachers, parents, staff and suppliers. Everyone has a say in making the communication and the YV experience as efficient and informative as possible. The Info Book is therefore PACKED with useful information, tips, instructions and guidance and should be read from cover to cover as the FIRST THING YOU DO.

In addition to a hard copy that is sent out upon full registration, PDF versions of the information book can be found in our Teacher Centre under Teacher Resources. Please Note: Only available to those registered for the current concert season.

YV prides itself on its communication as well as provided information and your info book is just the gateway to a plethora of useful tools we use to make your day as special as possible - ENJOY!