How it works

Upon registration we ask for approximate choir numbers. As we get closer to the concerts, the need for more precise numbers becomes a priority.

Final choir numbers must be confirmed no later than the 29th September. The reasons why we ask for final numbers are the same as approximate (see Choir Numbers). Once your numbers have been finalized – NO additions will be accepted. As soon as numbers are finalized:

  • We begin allocating seats in the arena;
  • We finalize where the choir ends and audience begins;
  • We begin allocating audience tickets accordingly.

Please note: If you do not finalize your numbers with us (even if they are the same as your approximate estimation), we will take your approximate number as final.

You can submit your final choir numbers via our Teacher Centre. This is the easiest and quickest way to confirm your numbers. Please do not contact the YV office with your numbers unless prompted otherwise.

We must be notified of any special seating requirements for choir members before the deadline of 30th September. This includes any disabilities or special needs. We are unable to make any further amendments after the deadline.