YV Foundation

The YV Foundation was created for the primary purpose of advancing the education of children by developing their skills and understanding of music and singing as well as support the teachers and other providers of education in this field. 

Listed below are the 6 aims and objectives of the YV Foundation. These are designed to support the core activity of Young Voices.

1. Helping Teachers to Inspire Your Children

By providing professional development workshops that are fun, informative, and give teachers the confidence to help your children sing.

Here's how we inspire teachers:

2. Bringing Teachers Together

By giving teachers the means to talk to each other and share experiences, ideas, and resources through our online Teacher Community hosted on Yammer.

Here's how we communicate with teachers:

3. Working in the Industry

By forming partnerships with people and organisations within the music industry, we bridge the gap between industry and education whilst bringing talent and experience to the classroom.

Here are some of the people we work with:

4. Working with Up and Coming Talent

By taking on placements from universities and colleges, we provide learning experiences and essential life-skills to the future generation of music teachers and professionals.

Here are some of the universities and colleges we work with:

5. Connecting with Businesses

By building relationships with big businesses we offer an opportunity for the corporate sector to give back to our community through music and singing projects.

Here are some of the business we work with:

6. Offering Grants

By giving grants to disadvantaged schools that cover the cost of the travel, music pack, food, t-shirts, and parents' tickets, we enable families to be a part of the Young Voices experience; an opportunity they may otherwise never have had. 

YV Foundation is a registered charity.

         Company Registration Number: 7223732
         Charity Registration Number: 1137635

The foundation has been involved in several activities over the years - for a full list of all projects please click here.