Fire Risk Assessments

The fire risk assessments carried out by Young Voices have been developed and analysed against the following assessment chart:

The objectives of the Fire Risk Assessment are to ensure that:

  • Fires are prevented;
  • People are protected against fire;
  • Property is protected against fire;
  • Vital business activities, such as transmission and production are not interrupted by fire;
  • Suitable procedures are followed.

This has been achieved by:

  • Ensuring that all fire precautions are monitored and maintained by identifying any potential fire hazards. For example: sources of ignition and fuel;
  • Identifying the appropriate persons at the highest risk within and surrounding the site;
  • Evaluating the risk of a fire occurring including the risk to the public and everyone involved in the concerts should a fire occur;
  • Removing or reducing the fire hazards and corresponding risks to persons involved;
  • Ensuring that detection and warning, firefighting, escape routes, signs and notices, lighting, and maintenance are regularly checked and are up to the standards laid out in the Fire Precautions (Workplace) Regulations of 1997, Fire Precautions Act of 1971, as well as the Fire Safety and Safety of Places of Sport Act of 1987;
  • Ensuring the recording of significant findings is done and action is taken;
  • Informing and instructing all relevant people and providing adequate training;
  • Preparing an emergency plan.

Arenas, suppliers, and contractors are required to create their own risk assessments that are in line with the above. Schools are often required to create a risk assessment and will need access to this information.  

Date Author Amendments Approved Review Date
September 2016 Kitanya Murray Version 2 Approved by Management September 2017